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A member of the double reed family, the bassoon plays with a warm, dark, reedy timbre

The bassoon is a prominent figure within orchestras, concert bands, and chamber music ensembles. Usually constructed from maple, bassoons are made up of six parts comprising of a bell joint, bass joint, boot joint and wing joint. Similar to the oboe and saxophone, the bassoon features a conical bore which delivers a warm tone compared by many to that of a male baritone voice. Modern symphony orchestras usually require two to four bassoonists with the lead player usually being required to play a number of solo passages. The bassoon can also be an effective bass to a woodwind choir.

Student models such as the JP191 MKII Shortreach Bassoon cost £1,750 with professional models, such as the Fox 601D C Bassoon, costing upwards of £20,000. Common manufacturers include Fox, Adler, Renard, Schreiber and JP.

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