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Yamaha Tubas

Here at John Packer Ltd we are pleased to be able to offer you the Yamaha Tuba range (excluding Sousaphones).

Yamaha Tubas are known worldwide for their versatility and quality. From student to professional Tubas, you can be sure you are buying a first class instrument.

Get a free 40 minute 1-2-1 lesson from a specialist Yamaha approved tutor when you buy selected Tubas!

Click here for details: Get a free lesson from Yamaha

YEB-105 YBB-201 YEB-321
Yamana YBB-105 Tuba Yamaha YBB-201 Tuba Yamaha YEB-321 Tuba
YBB-201 YBB-321 YBB-621
Yamaha YBB-201 Tuba Yamaha YBB-321 Tuba Yamaha YBB-621 Tuba
YFB-621 YEB-632S 02 YCB-621
Yamaha YCB-621 Tuba Yamaha YEB-632S 02 Tuba Yamaha YCB-621 Tuba
YBB-632 Neo YFB-822 YBB-841E
Yamaha YBB_632 Tuba Yamaha YFB-822 Tuba Yamaha YBB-841 Tuba
Yamaha YCB-822 Tuba


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