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Yamaha Trumpets

Here at John Packer Ltd we are pleased to be able to offer you a comprehensive range of Yamaha trumpets.

The Yamaha range of trumpets is well known worldwide for quality. From a student trumpet all the way up to their professional and custom range, you can be sure you are buying a first class instrument.

Get a free 40 minute 1-2-1 lesson from a specialist Yamaha approved tutor when you buy selected trumpets!

Click here for details: Get a free lesson from Yamaha

YTR-2330 YTR-3335 YTR-4335G II
Ytr 2330 YTR-3335 Bb Trumpet YTR-4335 Bb Trumpet
YTR-4435 II YTR-5335G YTR-6330F
YTR-4335 II C/Bb Trumpet YTR-5335G Bb Trumpet Yamaha YTR-6330F Bb Trumpet
YTR-6345 YTR-6335 YTR-436G
YTR 6345G 100208 slim Yamaha YTR-6335 Bb Trumpet YAM YTR436G slim
YTR-8345 04 Xeno YTR-6335RC YTR-8335 04
Yamaha YTR-8345 04 Xeno Bb YTR 6335RC Bb trumpet Yamaha YTR-8335 04 Bb Trumpet
YTR-8345 02 Xeno YTR-8335G 04 Xeno YTR-8335R 04 Xeno
Yamaha YTR-8345G 02 Xeno Bb Trumpet Yamaha YTR-8445G 04 Xeno C Trumpet Ytr 8335r slim
YTR-8445 04 Xeno YTR-8445G 04 Xeno YTR-6810 
Yamaha YTR-8445 04 Xeno C Trumpet Yamaha YTR-8445G 04 Xeno C Trumpet Yamaha YTR-6810 Piccolo Trumpet
YTR-8335LA Artist Xeno YTR-8335RG 04 Xeno YTR-8345RG 02 Xeno
Yamaha YTR8335LA Xeno Artist Bb Trumpet slim Ytr 8335las f 1001 slim YTR8345IIG slim
YTR-6610 YTR-8310Z 03 Custom Bobby Shew YTR-8345R 02 Xeno
Yamaha YTR-6610 D/Eb Trumpet YTR8310Z03 lac slim Yamaha YTR-8345R 02 Xeno Bb Trumpet
YTR-8340EM Eric Miyashiro YTR-9835 YTR-9825
Yamaha YTR-8340EM Eric Miyashiro Bb Trumpet Yamaha YTR-9835 Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet Ytr 9825 f 0002 2560 slim
YTR-9335CHS 02 Xeno Chicago YTR-9335NYS Xeno New York YTR-9610
Yamaha YTR9335CHS 02 Xeno Chicago Bb Trumpet slim Yamaha YTR-9335NYS Xeno New York Bb Trumpet Yamaha YTR9610 D+Eb Trumpet slim
YTR-9635 Custom YTR-9710 Custom YTR-9636
Ytr 9635 f 0001 2560 slim Ytr 9710 f 1001 slim Ytr 9636 f 0002 2560 slim


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