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A popular member of the double reed family usually found in concert bands and orchestras.

The most common oboes play in the treble or soprano range and tend to be made out of wood, although synthetic materials are now becoming more popular. The instrument features a conical bore and a flared bell which produces a bright, distinctive tone. Unlike the Cor Anglais, the Oboe's reed is installed directly into the instrument rather than via a crook. When choosing an Oboe it is important to be aware of the difference between 'thumbplate' and 'conservatoire' models as these have different fingering. Some dual models offer a dual system to enable access to both.

Student oboes like the JP081 are available from £655. Professional models like a Rigoutat can cost up to £6,200. Common oboe manufacturers include Loree, Fossati, Howarth, Patricola, Buffet, Yamaha and JP.

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