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Cor Anglais

A member of the double reed family, the Cor Anglais is similar to the oboe but pitched in F

The Cor Anglais is very similar to the Oboe but pitched a perfect fifth lower in F. Approximately one and a half times longer than an oboe, the Cor Anglais has a distinctive pear shaped bell and small crook. Cor Anglais' are said to have a more mellow sound compared to the Oboe and are usually found within orchestras and chamber music ensembles. More recently, Jazz musicians, notably Paul McCandless, have started to incorporate this instrument into their work.

Our JP282 student Cor Anglais is affordably priced and costs £2,495. professional models such as the Howarth S40 can cost up to £5,000. Common manufacturers include Howarth, Fossati, Patricola and JP.

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