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Musical Instruments for Children

Recent scientific evidence has shown that learning to play a musical instrument can make you smarter. Researchers found that playing regularly changes the shape and power of the brain and can add up to 7 IQ point in children and adults.

In addition, playing an instrument can improve a whole range of other skills including increased memory capacity, concentration and basic mathematics and arithmetic amongst many others.

As a result of these wide ranging benefits, it’s no surprise that many parents are keen to encourage their children to start learning a musical instrument at a young age. On the face of it, this is a great idea but it can sometimes result in some challenges finding suitable instruments, especially with younger children. Woodwind & brass instrument, by their very nature, usually require the player to hold the weight of the instrument. For younger players with smaller hands, this can prove difficult. It is important that children are not pushed to start learning too young, as this can not only put them off playing but can cause, in the worst cases, issues with posture as well as muscular and skeletal problems.

Some instrument manufacturers have addressed this challenge by designing specially designed models with children and younger players in mind. These may feature reduced keywork, curved headjoints or lightweight materials to make them easier to play and hold.

For further information, visit our Musical Instruments for Children blog post.

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