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Steve Herbert

A former Royal Marines musician, Steve plays French Horn in many local bands & ensembles and is always happy to help with any brass queries.

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Tenor Horn

Synonymous with Brass Bands, tenor horns are pitched in Eb and have a conical bore.

Tenor horns are usually only found within brass bands and look very similar to a baritone hone, albeit slightly smaller. All tenor horns are similar in structure with tubing following a similar pattern. The key differences between student models versus much more expensive ones tend to be found in the quality of materials used (yellow brass or high grade 80:20), the standard of components or the leadpipe design. Student models such as our own JP072 Eb Tenor Horn can cost from as little £259 with professional models like the Sterling Custom Model Tenor Horn costing roughly £4,000. Common brands of Tenor Horn include Besson, Sterling, Yamaha, Jupiter and JP.

JP Sterling models such as the JP372 Sterling Tenor Horn are the result of a special collaboration with Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments and feature exclusive Sterling components such as a unique leadpipe. These collaboration instruments offer an unrivalled performance for their price.

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