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Steve Herbert

A former Royal Marines musician, Steve plays French Horn in many local bands & ensembles and is always happy to help with any brass queries.

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A large conical bore brass instrument pitched in Bb found in brass bands, concert bands and occasionally orchestras.

Similar to Baritone Horns but larger in size, Euphoniums are the second largest instrument in the brass family (after the tuba) and well known for having a beautiful dark tone. A variety of different configurations are available including 3 or 4 valve instruments (usually piston) with or without compensating systems. Euphoniums use the same mouthpieces as large bore trombones and baritone horns.

Student models such as the JP074 MKII Bb Euphonium start from £440 and feature a non-compensating 3 piston valve system. Pro level models such as the Sterling Custom Model Virtuoso cost roughly £7,000 and feature a fully compensating 4 valve configuration. Common manufacturers of euphoniums include Besson, Sterling, Yamaha and JP.

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