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Tom Francombe

A tuba player who has represented Great Britain in the National Youth Orchestra, performing all over the country and even playing at the BBC Proms.

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Baritone Horn

A low-pitched Bb brass instrument with 3 piston valves predominantly used in brass bands.

Slightly smaller than its larger brother, the euphonium, the Baritone Horn is a core parts of the British brass band. Pitched in Bb and with a cylindrical bore (the bore diameter is fixed until the bell flare), the Baritone Horn is favoured by some new brass players as it is easier to maintain a tone and to hold (being physically smaller and lighter). These qualities also make the instrument attractive to younger brass students.

Student Baritone Horns are durable and lightweight, without the added complexity of a compensating system. Higher performing models may include a compensating system, to aid tuning, and benefit from high specification or hand crafted components. Prices range from roughly £450 for a student level JP173 MKII Bb Baritone Horn to £4,000 for a professional standard Besson 'Prestige' BE2056. Common manufacturers of Baritone Horns include Yamaha, Besson and JP.

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