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Andy Still

A leading voice in the local musical community, Andy is a talented clarinet player with extensive knowledge across the whole woodwind range.

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Reeds & Reed Cases

The source of a woodwind instrument's sound, without it the show won't go on!

Central to woodwind and double reed instruments, reeds enables you to create a sound from your instrument. New players and students tend to start on softer reeds whilst more advanced players will usually prefer a harder reed giving them more control of their sound. Unfortunately there is no universal strength measurement between manufacturers so it is best to trial a new reed before buying a whole box. Otherwise comparison charts can help give an estimation.

Reeds are usually crafted from cane although synthetic reeds made from plastic are now available. Natural reeds require careful storage and maintenance to keep them in good condition. A good quality reed case can help.

We also stock reed making equipment for players who are interested in making their own reeds.

Not sure which reeds you should buy? Contact us for help, advice and recommendations.


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