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We offer three levels of service:


Thorough Check

From £50


General Service

From £127.50

Please note the prices quoted above are rough estimates and do depend on the amount of work that each individual instrument requires. For a more accurate quote, please contact us on 01823 338517 so we can find out further details about the work required. For additional work that isn’t included in the servicing plans below a rate of £50 per hour is usually accurate.

In addition to the plans below we also have experience of bespoke customisations including changes to height, shape and some mechanisms depending on personal preferences, needs and requirements. Even if you are limited to a tight budget we are more than happy to discuss what level of work we are able to carry out. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Thorough Check

This is the traditional ‘put the instrument in to working order’ type of repair and includes:

  • Ensuring that all pads are sealing properly
  • Replacing worn/broken corks/felts
  • Ensuring that the adjustment is correct between linked keys
  • Checking and adjusting, if necessary, the fitting of the joints
  • Giving the instrument a dust off and general clean
  • Oiling the keywork and mechanisms where appropriate.

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General Service

Includes the work of a Thorough Check, plus:

  • The instrument is totally stripped down and polished
  • Pad sealing is checked and adjusted replacing worn/broken corks/felts
  • Keywork is refitted
  • Dents and scratches are removed as far as possible
  • The old oil is fully removed and the keys are re-oiled and adjusted On corked instruments
  • Joint corks are fitted and replaced as necessary
  • The instrument is fully balanced and adjusted where necessary.

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Overhaul and Rebuild

This is over and above the work of a ‘general service’ and involves putting the instrument back, as far as possible, to ‘as new’ condition. Includes the work of a general service, plus:

  • The instrument is totally disassembled
  • End play (longways mechanism movement) is removed from the keywork
  • All pads are replaced including corks/felts
  • On corked instruments, joints are fully re-corked

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