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Nuvo jFlute Plastic Flute

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Now children as young as 5 years can being to learn a real flute designed with them in mind.

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  • Save NowOut of Stock Nuvo jFlute Plastic Flute
  • Save NowOut of Stock Nuvo jFlute Plastic Flute

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Product details

Suitable for

Now children as young as 5 years can begin to learn a real flute designed with them in mind. The Nuvo jFlute weighs just 235g and is approximately 60% of the weight of a metal flute. The curved headjoint and mini footjoint make it ideal for young children and the D# key is included on the main body. 

It is washable, durable and comfortable to play plus interchangeable parts means that the Nuvo flute will grow with the student.

The patented Firstnote lip-plate can be beneficial for some very young students who are in the early stages of learning. Similar to a recorder mouthpiece, this enables students to get a good sound right from the very start, enabling them to learn fingering and postures. It is also ideal for for players with learning disabilities and for students who have just had a visit from the tooth fairy!

The Firstnote lip-plate can be clicked on and off with ease and replaced with the standard lip plate once the student is ready.

The durable nature of the jFlute makes it ideal for use in classrooms or even as a second instrument to take on holiday.

Our guide to buying your first flute will help you know what to look for and explains the many features found on a flute.

Unique benefits

  • Suitable for beginners of any age but ideal for the very young beinner from age 5 upwards
  • Ultra-light construction, washable and durable
  • Silicone pads
  • Fully adjustable curved heajoint
  • Removable 'firstnote' mouthpiece allows beginners to get a good sound from the first try
  • Rubberised, comfortable hand positioners for the left hand and right hand thumb
  • Range to low D
  • Detachable left hand key extensions
  • Removable key extensions and all key caps can be colour customised
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Upgradeable: A straight headjoint and C footjoint can be purchased separately when the player is ready and easily clicked onto the existing flute

Supplied with

The Nuvo jFlutes are supplied in a moulded case with shoulder strap, pull through cleaning cloth and rod, set of key extensions, O-ring grease and instruction leaflet.


  • Model: NJF3, NJF4, NJF5, NJF6
  • Key: C
  • Headjoint: Curved
  • Lip Plate: Other
  • Body: Plastic
  • Tone Holes: Extruded
  • Keywork: Reduced Keywork
  • Offset G: Yes
  • Arms: Y-Arms
  • Finish: Black + Steel collar (NJF3), White + Blue collar (NJF4), White + Green collar (NJF5), White + Pink collar (NJF6)
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