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John Packer JP124 C Clarinet

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Being lightweight and smaller than the conventional Bb clarinet, it is comfortable to use, especially for younger players.

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The JP124 C Clarinet is available for hire. Find out more​.

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The John Packer JP124 is an ideal and affordable C Clarinet to be used as a second instrument by folk, orchestra or teaching musicians. Being lightweight and smaller than the conventional Bb clarinet, it is comfortable to use, especially for younger players. It is an ideal clarinet for young students to prepare on before stepping up to a full-size Bb clarinet.

Unique benefits

A robustly built clarinet, featuring:


  • Ebonite for the body
  • Nickel plate for the keywork
  • Full set of keywork allows note alternatives to be used as well as an extended range
  • Smaller in size than a Bb clarinet 
  • Lightweight and featuring a Bb mouthpiece, this encourages the student player to develop a good Bb clarinet embouchure.


All JP Instruments are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note this does not cover aesthetic or finish faults. For full terms & conditions visit the JP Musical Instruments website.​

Supplied with

The John Packer JP6121/124/125 Clarinet Bb Mouthpiece for JP Clarinets, Ligature, Cap, Reed, John Packer JP8124 C Clarinet Case, Pull-through


  • Model: JP124
  • Key: C
  • Material: Ebonite
  • Keywork: Nickel Plated
  • Mechanism: Full Keywork
  • Finish: Black
  • Mouthpiece: JP6121
  • Lyre Box: No
Customer Reviews

5 Reviews

  • JP124 Clarinet Great Value

    By: ,

    Have just bought the JP124 and think it is extremely free blowing. Ideal for a beginner but as a professional it also suits my needs. Have already tried it on "Billy Elliot" the musical [where I work] and find the intonation pretty good too. Will be perfect for Klezmer Music. A very good value for money instrument. James Mainwaring

  • JP124 Lovely Clarinet

    By: ,

    I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a C clarinet that I would only use once in a while, so I decided to try out the JP124. It's an easy clarinet to blow, has a good sound and intonation. Well worth trying.

  • Good value easy clarinet

    By: ,

    Bought to play in a folk orchestra, easy to play and small/light to carry. Just had it checked out by an independent professional who reckons its a good little clarinet.

  • Really pleased with it

    By: ,

    I'm retired and learning clarinet, probably just at Grade 1 level, so I'm not doing much over the break.

    I wanted a non-transposing instrument to play along more easily with my husband and other guitar, keyboard, and ukulele players. I tried a clarineo and it has good tone but wasn't right for me. This clarinet however is perfect for my needs.

    I am amazed at how easy it has been to move from a Bb clarinet to this C clarinet, and the good sound I'm able to get as a novice player.

    It's just a joy to play. For the price, it's amazing.

  • Great value for the price

    By: ,

    This is my second C clarinet I own – I bought one of these for having a Boehm C as my other one is an Albert/Oehler system (different manufacturer) and sometimes I don’t want to be thinking in Albert when I play. The JP124 C is not that bad at all for a student instrument. I tried with my tuner and apart from some of the 2 or 3 lowest notes that start to go on the flat side, I found pretty even for being in tune. I find the throat notes are really strong and solid compared to my other C clarinet, and crossing the break on this instrument is probably the easiest of all my five clarinets – although I find that the break seems easiest on the C’s for some reason. Maybe finger spacing or something, I dunno – but that was always a challenge I had when I went from oboe to clarinets around 20 years ago. As an ex-oboist, I love having a clarinet I don’t need to transpose and can use my old oboe music. My only complaints or criticism with the JP124 is the mouthpiece (and reed) that comes with it, isn’t that great – I’d suggest anyone getting one of these to use their regular mouthpiece or buy something like a Yamaha 4C which I used on it (the reed they included made it sound flat and honky, don’t use that to demo or critique the instrument). The only noticeably poor note I found was the 1st and 4th finger first-line Eb was weak and muffled and off a bit, but otherwise found the tone strong and bright. I did have to sand down the tenon corks a bit as they were really, really tight – and with the C’s there isn’t a whole lot of non-key instrument to grab on to when disassembling it. Honestly, end of the day I feel like this was great buy for my needs and I am quite happy with it – and I’d certainly consider buying another Packer clarinet in the future if they provided an affordable E-flat soprano or A model.

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