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Jazzlab SaxholderII in black

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The new Saxholder, now called SAXHOLDERII which continues to be very popular as an alternative to the basic sling. For use with most woodwind instruments it is incredibly versatile whilst giving great comfort and due to the design and material is very light and gives fantastic support to anyone suffering from shoulder/back or neck pain.

The new "fold flat hinge" allows the Saxholder to fold flat for easy storage inside a saxophone case. We know of many instrumentalists with posture issues and aches and pains, so why not try this new option.

Handle ends are close together now, to ensure a better hold on the shoulder. With bigger pads for more comfort, the cord support longer, for less pressure on the right thumb. Easier to shorten or replace the cord, no more screws to get lost, stronger safety latch, closed loop, bigger abdominal rest for more comfort.


  • Transfers the entire sax weight evenly to both shoulders, no stress on the neck
  • Can be put on by one hand in seconds
  • Saves space, smaller than a sheet of paper when folded
  • Is very comfortable when sitting or standing, since it does not slip away
  • Looks great, especially designed for both men and women performers
  • Is a high-tech product that uses aircraft and space travel materials: made of Kevlar ® and aircraft aluminum.
  • Can be set quickly and easily: swing both shoulder handles up, pull out the telescopic slide, rotate the abdominal rest, ready.
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