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Denis Wick DW5882 Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Denis Wick makes one of the largest ranges of accessories for brass instruments available in the world today.

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Unique benefits

Denis Wick makes one of the largest ranges of accessories for brass instruments available in the world today. He achieved a worldwide reputation as both a player and teacher and has used his vast experience and knowledge to create mouthpieces and mutes which have become the favourites of brass players all over the world.

Denis Wick uses both the latest in computer-controlled technology, and traditional handcrafting skills to produce a range of accessories that are designed to give the best possible results.

Many Denis Wick mouthpieces are now available in the Classic, Ultra, Heritage and Heavytop shapes.

The first Denis Wick mouthpieces were made in 1968, and range has grown so much, that it is now one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. 

They are famous for their wonderful sound and brilliant designs, and are produced to the highest technical specifications. Special attention is paid to the rims, which are both comfortable and consistent. Special techniques are used to produce beautiful and extremely hard-wearing silver and gold plating.


Size Cup Cup diameter (mm) Rim width (mm) Bore (mm) Backbone Description Comparison
1X Extra Large symphonic 17.50 5.23 3.9 Barrel based on 1870 F trumpet (Wallace) VB1X: Schilke 20
1 Large symphonic 17.25 5.00 3.9 Barrel Scaled down version 1X VB1: Schilke 17D
1C Large symphonic 17.25 5.00 3.9 Barrel Easier to play and more flexible VB1C: Schilke 16
1.5C Large symphonic 17.00 5.00 3.8 Barrel More brilliant and flexible VB11/2C
2W Large symphonic 17.00 5.50 3.7 Barrel Scintillating high register VB11/4C: Schilke 16B
3 General purpose 16.75 5.05 3.7 Barrel Good all-rounder mouthpiece VB11/4C: Schilke 14C4
3C Shallow cup 16.75 5.05 3.7 Barrel General purpose. Brilliant high register for C, D, Eb trumpets VB3C: Schilke 14B
3E Very shallow cup 16.75 5.05 3.8 Barrel Very sucdessful 'screamer' jazz VB7E DW more power
4 Viennese type 16.50 5.18 3.7 Barrel Good all-rounder No VB equivalent
4B Medium cup 16.50 5.18 3.7 Barrel All-rounder mouthpiece with great flexibility VB7C DW more mellow
4C Shallow cup 16.50 5.18 3.7 Barrel All-rounder with great high register VB7C DW more brilliant
4E Very shallow cup 16.50 5.18 3.7 V-type Like 3E VB10E/DW better high register
4X Shallow cup 16.50 5.75 3.7 V-type 'Cushion rim' for jazz. Tremendous projection in high register VB7EW/DW better high register
5 Traditional cup 16.00 5.30 3.7 Barrel Traditional French cup for jazz and light music players No VB equivalent/Schilke 13
5E Extra shallow cup 16.00 5.30 3.7 V-type The ultimate 'screamer' VB 10E/Schilke 5
5X Shallow cup 16.00 6.00 3.7 V-type 'Cushion rim' for jazz VB7EW
11/4CV Paul Archibald model 16.75 5.40 3.8 Open A v-shaped cup gives a dark tone suitable for Mahler and Bruckner No VB equivalent - darker sound than Bach 11/4 C
3CV Paul Archibald model 16.75 5.30 3.8 Barrel developed specially for the Eb trumpet. Ideal for the Hayden and Hummel Concertos like Bach 11/4 better high register
MM1C Maurice Murphy model 17.50 5.35 3.70 V-type ** See note below  
MM1.5C Maurice Murphy model 17.25 5.35 3.70 V-type ** See note below  
MM2C Maurice Murphy model 17.00 5.35 3.70 V-type ** See note below  
MM3C Maurice Murphy model 16.75 5.35 3.70 V-type ** See note below  
MM4C Maurice Murphy model 16.50 5.35 3.70 V-type ** See note below  

**NOTE: Maurice Murphy, for 30 years Principal Trumpet of the LSO, and a truly legendary figure in the world of trumpet playing, has teamed up with former LSO Principal Trombonist, Denis Wick, to design these trumpet mouthpieces. reflecting Maurice's unique playing style, their customised Tottle backbores help provide a brilliant and powerful yet lyrical sound, with superb control at all dynamics.

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