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Denis Wick DW6880 HeavyTop Trombone/Euphonium Mouthpiece

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This DW6880 model has been designed specifically for players looking for a clean low register with accurate attacks.

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Wick HeavyTop mouthpieces are designed to reduce the amount of vibration lost through the mouthpiece. Additional mass in key areas transfers the energy much more efficiently, resulting in improved projection and stability.

HeavyTop models use a completely different principle in not feeding back to the player the vibration of the instruments, transmitting all the energy through the bell. This gives a much more powerful sound when needed, more security in the high register and more control and focus in all registers.


Model Cup dia (mm) Rim width (mm) Bore (mm) Backbore Notes
0AL 27.42 6.09 7.45 Barrel Bass trombone
1AL 27.11 6.09 7.45 Open Bass trombone
4AL 26.00 6.72 7.38 Barrel Trombone/Euphonium
4.5AL 25.85 6.80 7.24 Barrel  
5AL 25.73 6.64 7.30 Barrel  
5BL 25.73 6.64 6.87 Medium  
6BL 25.40 6.26 6.66 V-type  
6BS 25.40 6.26 6.66 V-type  


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