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Denis Wick Paxman French Horn Mouthpiece DWPAX7 Silver Plated

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  • Out of Stock Denis Wick Paxman French Horn Mouthpiece DWPAX7 Silver Plated
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Designed with the help from a friend of Denis Wick, Tim Jones, Principal Horn of the London Symphony Orchestra and director of renowned horn makers, Paxman. These new mouthpieces use a radically different outer shape to the well-established internal shapes developed over the years by Denis Wick and Paxman. The result, an unusual outer shaped mouthpiece with the endorsement of Paxman giving great credibility.

The range covers a broad spectrum of sizes from 16.55mm to 18mm stemming from the Denis Wick 5N, 6N, 7N, and Paxman 3B and 4B internal dimensions, whilst also using some traditional cups for the smallest sizes, giving a total of 7 models that will join the similar Heritage range of mouthpieces for trombone, cornet and tenor (alto) horn.

Denis wicks engineer, also a horn player, has worked with the (1890) Hawkes-type mouthpiece which has a thin cup-wall, nearest to the rim, combined with extra mass below the cup to make immediate, easy response, particularly in the high register, providing smooth legato playing with a really beautiful just-heard overtone structure to the sound, that should work effectively with the deep, mainly conical mouthpieces that are always used with the French horn.

While the look of the mouthpiece is a big departure from the traditional ‘funnel’ shape of other mouthpieces, the internal sizes and rim profiles are completely conventional. In a world where to stand out from the crowd is sometimes not easy, we very much feel that the benefits of this design make it worthwhile to dare to be different!


  • Diameter: 25.6 mm
  • Cup Diameter: 17 mm
  • Rim Width: 4.1mm
  • Bore Size: 4.5 mm
  • Back Bore: V type
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