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BG A43 Oboe Stand

Code: 206220

This lightweight oboe stand is easily deconstructed and can be stored flat, making it ideal for concerts.

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This is the niftiest oboe stand you can find. Made out of plastic, you can fold the stand flat for easy storage, perfect for putting in the front pocket of your oboe case! Also can be used for standing flutes.


  • Suitable for Oboe & Flute
  • Model: A43
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Black
Customer Reviews

2 Reviews

  • What were they thinking?

    By: ,

    This is a truly awful stand. It's far too lightweight and flimsy.

    I wouldn't stand my oboe on it because it would fall over at the slightest provocation.

    The material is too flexible, so it doesn't hold the oboe firmly, and it's so light, it would be really easy to knock it over. The corners are kind of sharp too. I sanded mine, but then decided it really wasn't up to the job.

    Even at £6, this is a waste of money. I strongly suggest JP stop selling it.

  • John Packer Ltd official response to 'What were they thinking?' review

    By: ,

    Thank you for your comments. We appreciate all feedback and are sorry that, on this occasion, a product has not met with your expectations.

    The choice of instrument stand is always one of balancing size, weight and convenience against stability. The most stable stands are those that are least easy to carry around or fit into an instrument case or music bag. The selling point of the BG is that it is very lightweight and flat – so it will fit easily into the majority of cases or case covers – a feat not accomplished by many of the alternatives. However, it clearly does not match up with your needs, so we would be pleased to have the stand returned to us and either refund the cost or credit it against the purchase of a more suitable item.


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