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Bell Cover Size 2 (5" Bell)

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Instrument Bell Covers for brass and woodwind instruments.

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Instrument Bell Covers for brass and woodwind instruments.

100% cotton fabric stretches over the bell to reduce respiratory droplets from exiting the bell.

These covers mitigate potentially harmful germs from entering the atmosphere.

Unique benefits

  • 100% Cotton
  • Negligible effect to resistance, tuning and pitch
  • Covers the bells of woodwind and brass instruments
  • Creates a shield for droplets and germs
  • Machine washable for multiple uses
  • Easy on/off with built in elastic designed to reduce air leakage


Available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1 Bell: 3" Bb Clarinet
  • Size 2 Bell: 5" Soprano Cornet/Bb Cornet/Bb Trumpet/Alto Saxophone
  • Size 3 Bell: 6" Flugel Horn/Tenor Saxophone
  • Size 4 Bell: 8" Tenor Trombone/Tenor Horn/Small baritone (JP173)
  • Size 5 Bell:10" Bass Trombone/Baritone Horn
  • Size 5S Bell:10" - With slit for Single French Horn
  • Size 6 Bell:12" Euphonium/Tuba Small (JP077 & JP078)
  • Size 6S Bell:12" - With slit for Double French Horn
  • Size 7 Bell:19" Tuba
  • Size 8 Bell: 26" Sousaphone
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