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Azumi AZS2 Flute

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The Azumi AZ-S2 flutes comes with a solid silver Altus S cut .958 headjoint with a .925 silver lip-plate and riser and silver plated body.

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This instrument incorporates a sophisticated handmade Altus 'S' cut solid .958 headjoint and offers a mature range of possibilities for higher grade students. Capable of getting beyond the higher ABRSM grades. Well worth exploring. This instrument has raised the bar in the step up market. William Bennett tuning scale. C footjoint, E mechanism.

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The Azumi AZ-S2 flutes comes with a solid silver Altus S cut .958 headjoint with a .925 silver lip-plate and riser and silver plated body. The S cut headjoint is handmade by Altus, the attention to detail in the handmade process creates a more responsive and flexible tone. Altus flutes are held in the very highest esteem by professional players and technicians the world over. Now the Altus sound is available at an affordable price through the Azumi flute.  This allows advancing flautists to produce a mature sound and have an instrument that is capable of going beyond the grades.

The S series headjoint is recognized by the oval form of the lip-plate and loved for it's beautiful open tone with an increased positive resistance.

All Azumi flutes are based on the Altus-Bennett *scale; based on the work and recommendations of renowned British flutist William Bennett and in combination with the manufacturing skills of Altus flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka.

*The scale of an instrument is the relationship of the tone-holes to each other, the size of each hole, and the distance of the tone-holes from the embouchure. The musician will play with better intonation while expending less effort with a well built scale.

Unique benefits

  • Altus S-Cut Professional handmade .958 Britannia Silver Headjoint and .925 Sterling Silver Lip Plate and Riser
  • Silver plated body
  • Altus-Bennett Scale
  • Wide rib construction
  • Silver-plated keywork mechanism
  • French-style pointed key arms:  For accuracy and longevity in the key action, often a feature only found on more expensive flutes. 
  • Stainless steel springs
  • C Foot
  • Split E mechanism 
  • Offset G
  • Available with open (AZS2RE) or closed holes (AZS2E)

Supplied with

The Azumi AZS2 flutes are supplied in a French hard case with a case cover and cleaning accessories, a wooden cleaning rod, gauze cloth and polishing cloth. 


  • Model: AZS2E (Closed hole), AZS2RE (Open hole)
  • Key: C
  • Headjoint: Solid Silver
  • Lip Plate: Solid Silver
  • Body: Nickel Alloy Silver Plated
  • Foot Joint: C
  • Tone Holes: Extruded
  • Keywork: Closed Hole (AZS2E), Open Hole (AZS2RE)
  • Offset G: Yes
  • E Mechanism: Split E
  • Arms: French (Pointed)
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