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Why you should buy someone a recorder this year


It might not be an instrument that initially gives you the cool vibes, but for a enthusiastic beginner it's quick and immediate response puts you on the right track for establishing music in your life. 


Many woodwind instruments have fingerings similar to the recorder so getting a good base on the recorder means you can transfer a lot of skills. Not just fingerings (where you position fingers to create different notes), but also about breathing and articulation, not to mention note reading. 


There's also a lot of books out there these days which come with cd or downloadable accompaniments so you can learn to play in time and establish an inner pulse. 


Typically the descant is the most popular, and you can get one for comfortably around a tenner. Not destined for landfill like many Christmas novelty gifts, the recorder lasts for years, I still have mine ... some 30+ years old! Basic recorders don't require servicing (but do give them a clean now and then!). They're also a perfect fit for a stocking, and you can even get some coloured ones if you want to jazz things up. 


So do you know someone you could gift a recorder? Buy one today!


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