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Why would you cut the bell of your French horn?


Writing this blog on the advantages of a detachable bell French Horn over a fixed bell French Horn will take longer to write than it does putting my horn together ready for playing!

First of all if you are thinking of having your bell cut please find a competent technician to do this, do not try and cut it yourself. 

The big advantage is that it is easier to travel with a cut bell French Horn as the case can be much smaller and with many airlines the case can be stowed away as hand luggage.

Many players will not hear any difference in the sound once the bell is cut, however you will now have the option of having different types of bell flare to try which will alter the sound and response. 

Remember that you will need to purchase a new case for your detachable bell horn and with the vast array of detachable bell French Horn cases available you don’t have to look like a Ninja Turtle! Some of the smaller cases carry just the instrument whilst others have room for mutes and music plus accessories. 

By the way it takes me about 10 seconds to put the bell on my horn, just in case you were thinking how long it takes! :-) 


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