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What's on our Christmas List this year?

2020 has been a  period of reflection for everyone, and our staff have recently shared what musical gifts they're getting this year and why...



TOM - Retail
"This year has been one of the most challenging for all of us, but for me, it’s been the most rewarding, becoming a father for the first time 2 days after the first lockdown. I have been lucky enough to spend a huge amount of time with my son and I think he’s definitely taken an interest in music from my dreadful singing and listening to all sorts played throughout the house.
"My gift choice this year would be the Vintage Blue Music Compendium, as there are a few items that I think he would be able to enjoy making a racket with, mainly the Tambourine and Maraca.
"He’s a bit young to take up a real instrument, but next year, you never know, a pBuzz might be on the list!"


Music Compendium

Recorder, Harmonica, Tambourine, Triangle and Maraca are included in this treat of a musical selection box! Suitable for a wide age range.
ONLY £13.99



Capture the interests of young musicians and teach them basics of playing a brass instrument in a fun and exciting way!
ONLY £16.99




JEAN - Marketing
"It's been testing at times, but I've enjoyed learning new skills this year with the online sessions we've hosted. In many respects this year has reaffirmed my love of music; seeing so many people use the opportunity to make music.
"However, more than most I’ve missed seeing my young niece this year. In normal times whenever she visits she always wants play my piano. As I haven’t got the budget to gift her a piano I’ve decided to get her a recorder as it’s a great way to get started in music. While my preference would perhaps be the more traditional looking Aulos in the corduroy yellow bag (which I started on aged 6), Florence does love pink, so the Yamaha YRS-20 is the perfect choice.”


Yamaha YRS-20 

This pink translucent recorder might look novel, but it is anything but! Made of durable ABS plastic and comes with a fingering chart!
ONLY £12.60


Aulos 205 Recorder

An all-time bestseller, this three piece recorder in its design-classic yellow bag makes a clear and strong sound in all registers.
ONLY £15.35


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JOSIE - Workshop
"Buying my first home during Lockdown was a real challenge, but whilst staying in was frustrating, I had lots of time to practice the trumpet, which kept me sane. However to spare my new neighbours from time to time, I would put a Yamaha Silent Brass Mute/System on my Christmas wish list. If not one of these, then a Bremner Sshhmute would do just fine wrapped up under the tree!.”


Silent Brass System 

You want to play when and as you like, without being confined to time or place… Yamaha’s next generation SILENT Brass makes it happen. 
FROM £92.99



Practice while still developing the throat muscles, and stay in tune.  Basically it's like practicing without a mute (but a lot quieter)
FROM £35.50




ANNE-MARIE - Accounts
"Christmas this year will most certainly be a different and difficult one. My Grandad is the musician (and the joker) in the family and is nearly 90 years old. Unfortunately this year, he - as with every musician - hasn't been able to go to band rehearsals or attend the usual concerts that are held throughout the year. No doubt we will have to hold our own family concert using the Musical Christmas Crackers, previous attempts have not always gone well but you know what they say ‘ practice makes perfect ‘  and it will be sure to lighten the mood this year. We even had a John Packer Christmas party a couple of years back with musical Christmas crackers, what a laugh that was.”


Musical Crackers 

Pick a whistle, nominate a conductor, and watch your party explode into a cacophony of 'beautiful' music.
ONLY £7.50


Joke Book

Funny stories, jokes and one-liners with a musical leaning  to keep musicians of all ages amused.
ONLY £8.99



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