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Vouchers - the best way to gift music?


You want to support a love of music, but don't know what to buy... here's 5 reasons why vouchers are the answer!


  1. The recipient can spend it on something they actually want. It could be a luxury item they perhaps wouldn't normally spend on yourself, or it could be stocking up on essentials.
  2. Similarly it means the recipient can take the time to carefully choose what's right for them. If they want to upgrade their instrument, there's often much to think about, and many instruments to try. There's no rush to spend!
  3. They are good for all ages and abilities.
  4. If you can't afford to gift an instrument, this is a means to contribute. If family and friends also get vouchers, that dream instrument or accessory becomes even closer. Our vouchers start from just £5! 
  5. They're perfect all year round, for birthdays, Christmas and leaving and celebration presents!


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