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Following the success of their V21 Bb Clarinet reeds, Vandoren have extended the range to include an Alto & Tenor Saxophone model. These unfiled cut reeds are the first saxophone reeds to feature a conical shape which Vandoren claims offers: 

a clean, particularly warm and centered sound while providing an excellent sound projection.

The V21 reed is said to allow precise articulation and great ease in achieving large interval leaps. Their unfiled cut make them particulaly suitable for classical repertoire. 

Paris Conservatoire trained Professional Saxophonist, Jerome Laran gave the reeds a through test and said:

"It's a reed that responds very well in all circumstances. What I appreciate particually is the warm sound quality, and the flexibility of sound emission and richness of tone."

These new saxophone reeds will be available in early May 2016 in strengths 2.5 - 4.5. As stocks will be limited, we are taking pre-orders now. These can be ordered online or by calling the shop on 01823 282386 Ext. 1.


Prices for these new reeds are as follows:

Vandoren V21 Alto Saxophone Reeds (Box of 10) - £29.59
Vandoren V21 Tenor Saxophone Reeds (Box of 5) - £22.13


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Our Saxophone Specialist, Andy Still, is happy to answer any queries you may have about these new reeds. Please comment in the section below.


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