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Vandoren BD5 Clarinet Mouthpieces...


The Vandoren BD5 range has taken the clarinet world by storm, I have never seen a mouthpiece fly off the shelves as quickly as these. After trying it I can see why!  I now own one along with most of my colleagues.

My first instinct was that it opened my sound immensely and offered extra warmth compared to my previous Vandoren M30.  It has a tip opening most similar to the M30L and a medium facing length like the B46 or 5RVL and can handle many different styles of music.  

I found that V12 or Vandoren traditional 3 ½ reeds both worked really well for me with either my Rovner dark or JLV ligature. (Check out this blog about JLV!)

The Black Diamond (BD5) was originally hand created by Bernard Van Doren back in the 1970’s but they didn’t have the machinery available to replicate it precisely.  Now, thanks to improved technology, they are able to do so.  Each BD5 mouthpiece is hand finished at the factory in France.  Because of this I recommend trying at least three of the same mouthpiece and picking your favourite as they do vary slightly.  

They have now produced Black diamond mouthpieces for the Eb clarinet and alto clt/basset horn to go along with the Bass and Bb/A clarinets.  I can’t wait to try one out on my Eb!

View the BD5's here

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