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Urban Play Clarinet mouthpieces, are they as good as they look?

When I spotted the orange urban play mouthpiece on Andy’s desk I desperately wanted to get the whole set.  I had never seen anything like it before, sparkle in a mouthpiece, it’s a fantastic idea.

Whilst they might seem a bit of a gimmick they follow the same high quality specification as the standard Buffet Urban Play mouthpiece that is supplied with their Prodige clarinet and will easily see the player up into the higher grades.  They compare well to both the Buffet and the Yamaha 4C mouthpieces.  It will set the player up well until the point they want to upgrade to a professional hard rubber mouthpiece. 
Adding individuality to your clarinet can be hard as they all look pretty similar so here’s a chance to make a statement with your set-up and there’s even the chance that it may even encourage more practise!

Find out more about the Urban Play Mouthpieces. Click here

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