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Top 5 Free Music Apps

There's all sorts of apps out there to help musicians. Tom chooses his favourite five!

As one of the younger members of staff, Tom has grown up with mobile phones offering much more than a device for communication. Certainly the sales of metronomes and tuners have demised since the introduction of apps on mobile phones (though there's still a beauty in the traditional Wittner metronomes!).

Music Tutor 
I stumbled across this whilst looking for an app to help not only myself on the piano, but for my younger students to help with sight reading and notation. Notes appear on a stave, and the best thing about this is that you can choose from treble, bass and alto clef. You also have the option to choose the duration of how long it tests you, from 1 minute to an infinite time limit, meaning that you can practice for as long as you want. A great app for any musician.

Every musician should carry a metronome with them in my opinion, and this app will allow you to do that. Free and simple to use. It’s as easy as that.

‘Always keep your instrument in tune’. Again, woodwind and brass players should probably carry a tuner with them, and like the metronome, this free and clear app will allow you to check your tuning anywhere and everywhere. With both chromatic tuning and a tone generator, you can’t go wrong with this app.

This free piano/keyboard app will allow you to practice on the move, and also help with tuning and pitching. With a multitude of sounds to choose from, you can have fun creating music anywhere.
There is also the option to edit the sustain of the note, and how many keys you have on the screen.

An app for all music fans. Have you ever heard a song in a café/ restaurant/ pub/ shopping centre and wondered what it was and who the artist is? This simple app will allow your phone to record the song and then the magic happens. It will use the power of the Internet and identify the song title, the artist/band and more information if you wish.


To get any of these Apps, search in your relevant App store on your phone. 


Are there any phone Apps you couldn't live without? Please feel free to share them here!

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