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Top 10 woodwind gadgets

It’s always a struggle to know what to get a woodwind player for a special occasion and they very well may already own a few of the things on this list already.  Here are just a few suggestions, in no particular order,  of some of the cooler things I would make space for in my case.  What gadgets can’t you live without in your case? 

1)    Fix-it Tool Keychain

Ever since owning one of these I have found it extremely useful and have lent it to almost every member in my wind section.  One side is a spring hook and the other is a flat head screwdriver making it very handy for those simple, quick emergency repairs.  As it’s also a keychain it never gets forgotten and it’s sleek modern design means no-one else is expecting the wonders it hides.. 

Fixit screwdriver spring hook tool large edit

2)   Compact Instrument Stand

Holding your instrument for hours on end can be tedious and tiring so an instrument stand seems like a sensible thing to own. The newer compact designs have proven especially popular as they can fit inside your instrument, in the case, so it is always there when you need it.  The legs are made of metal and although they are shorter there is one leg extra to add stability.  These are especially useful for doublers who need many instruments stored safely and ready for use.

15228 000 55 Detail 1

3)    Vandoren Reed Resurfacer

A must have for the serious reed player!  Single reed players acknowledge that in a box of 10 only about 3 work well first time. This glass file and plate can be used to carefully adjust reeds that are slightly to hard or fuzzy.  It takes some practice but eventually you’ll be able to make use of many more reeds from the box.  The file is also available separately.


4)    Cordier Reed Cutter

Again single reed players usually find that one reed they love playing and then play it solidly until it becomes so soft it squeaks and sounds thin.  This reed cutter gives them a second chance at life.  By clipping the reed tip it makes the reed harder and gives more body to the sound making your favourite reed last longer.  

P1140043 edit

5)    K&M Stand Magnets

We’ve all had that concert on a windy bandstand where your music blows away and you look like an idiot running to collect it all from all over the park.  These K&M magnets are small but powerful, we had a demo set stuck to the till for months and people were surprised with their clinging power.  There are 2 per a pack so I’d recommend getting a couple of packs.

11580 ITEM SHOT 1300  x 1900

6)     Snark Tuner

These fun little gadgets clip on to your instrument and pick up your tuning via vibrations rather than sound so all the unwanted noise from behind is not blinding your results. The ST-2 model can use both vibrations or a built in microphone whereas the ST-8 is vibrations only.

Snark sn 8

7)    Reed Case

These can be very useful to make sure your reeds stay safe and evenly rotated.  Some are even humidified to allow your reeds to be stored at the optimum humidity so they can be used straight away.  They are designed to stop your reeds from warping and fit a variety of different instruments.  

Vandoren VCR810

8)    BG Thumb Cushions / Bo Pep Finger Saddles

As a comfort thing on the clarinet or sax a rubber thumb cover is inexpensive and can stop the rest digging painfully into the side of your thumb. I personally don’t like playing clarinets without one now I’m so used to it.  They come in two sizes as produced by BG but if you have an adjustable thumb rest I would always go for the large size if unsure.   For flute players a thumb guide or finger saddle can help provide comfort, relieve tension and put the hand into a better position.

A21thumb rest cushionsregular sizein useclarinet 5 2

9)    BG Pad Dryers

One of my favourite accessories is the pad dryer as it saves me from getting through thousands of cigarette papers.  Its small so fits easily in my case and there is one size for clarinets, oboes and flutes.  Saxophones can get bigger round shaped ones for the bell notes.  These are handy for removing water trapped in the pads to let you keep playing bubble free!


10)   K&M Stand Tray

This last item is for the organised musician who likes to have everything handy in one place.  Right attached to your stand in front of you, you can have a pencil, rubber, reeds, phone, tuner, metronome…even a piccolo right in arms reach.  It can attach to a variety of stands and is made from strong aluminium and is also felt lined so your items won’t get scratched. 

Stand tray



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