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The most 'on trend' mouthpiece


D’Addario unveiled their Reserve Evolution mouthpiece earlier this year and now there's a gorgeous marble limited edition. 

Marble mouthpiece

Designed for the modern clarinettist, the Reserve Evolution Mouthpieces promise a warm and refined tone featuring quick response and ease of articulation.

After many years on his previous mouthpiece, our retail manager Andy has changed to this mouthpiece.
He said: "Having recently upgraded my Bb Clarinet, I found my old faithful mouthpiece no longer suited the new clarinet. Having tried a range of mouthpieces to replace my old one, I found the new D’Addario Reserve Evolution EV10 opened up the sound, giving me much better tone, clarity and projection without losing any of the focus I was looking for."

The marble edition is utterly unique and gives an added presence to an already impressive mouthpiece. 

Marble mouthpiece with box


  • Medium-long facing provides a greater tonal flexibility. 
  • Precision milling delivery unparalleled consistency, upholding the strictest design features and tolerances.
  • Revolutionary ramp and bore tape geometry for full,er more centred tone.
  • Altered baffle for added projection and articulation nuance
  • Designed and made in the USA 
  • Offered in two different pitch systems--440Hz, and 442Hz.


Marble mouthpiece box

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