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Keep it to yourself


Worried about disturbing your neighbours? Want to keep practising? Sounds like you need a practice mute!​ 

Whatever standard you are, a practice mute is an essential accessory for all brass musicians. The aim of a practice mute is to silence the instrument as much as possible whilst also maintaining accurate pitch and resistance. Ideally, you want it to feel as natural as possible because it is a practising tool. However it will create a little resistance.

With the Wallace mutes, there is a small tube which allows you to change the level of resistance being produced. This means you can cater the mute to best suit you.


Here at John Packers, we have a large variety of practice mutes including brands such as Wallace, Denis Wick, and Bremner. These mutes are ideal for home practice as they minimise the volume whilst keeping the pitch centred.


Here are the links to some of our best sellers:



Bb Trumpet/ Bb Cornet

DW5526 Bremner Sshhmute Bb Trumpet   Bb Cornet Practice Mute206641 Wallace TWC M17




Flugel Horn

DW5535 586602


Tenor Horn


Bremner Sshhmute Tenor Horn Practice MuteWallace TWC M22C Tenor Horn Practice Mute



Baritone Horn

DW5536Wallace TWC M23 C Baritone Horn Practice Mute



Denis Wick DW5587 Euphonium Travel Mute 1Denis Wick DW5512 Euphonium Practice Mute



Denis Wick DW5528 Bass Trombone Practice MuteBremner Sshhmute Tenor Trombone Practice Mute smallDenis Wick DW5582 Tenor Trombone Travel MuteWallace TWC M19C Tenor Trombone Practice Mute


Bass Trombone

Denis Wick DW5528 Bass Trombone Practice MuteBass TromboneWallace TWC M20C Bass Trombone Practice Mute





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