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I often get asked by customers for advice regarding support of the Clarinet while playing.

Some reasons why extra support might be needed:

•    General comfort to alleviate the weight on the right thumb
•    To prevent or lessen the effects of repetitive strain injury
•    Arthritis/Rheumatism
•    Any other joint problems with the thumb or wrist.

There are various slings on the market that will help with the above. The most popular being the BG range, specifically the BGC20LP, BGC20E, BG23LP and BG23E.

The difference between the LP and E versions:

•    LP has a non-flexible cord with a comfortable collar.
•    E version has an elasticated cord for a little more flexibility, also has a comfortable collar.

The difference between BGC20 and BGC23 is the width of the comfort collar, the BG23 version being slightly wider.

If you'd like some guidance about which sling may be better for you, feel free to give me a call on 01823 282386, or email me.

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