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Say thanks to your teacher!


With the school holidays just around the corner, don't forget it's also a well-earned break for your music loving teachers too. 

How about clubbing together for a Yamaha Venova, or even getting gift vouchers for your cash strapped music department for them to spend in the new year? 

These and more gift ideas below... 


"Saxoscone" Greetings Card
Humorous blank card.

Crumpeter greetings card

"Crumpeter" Greetings Card
Humorous blank card.

Thats a sharp not a hastag mug

That's a Sharp, not a hashtag 
The Jury remains split on this one..

Musicians joke book
Musicians Joke Book 
A great source of inspiration.

Manuscript Tea Towel

Manuscript Tea Towel 
Classic gift for tea drinkers!

Piano weekly planner

Weekly Planner 
Busy teacher?  Maybe this would help?!

Yamaha Venova

Yamaha Venova 
A single reed instrument for holibobs!

Jute Pencil Case
Jute Pencil Case 
Handy case for stationery and other musical bits.

Music Magnets
Music Note Magnets 
These magnets are a good size and really strong.

Glass music record coasters

Glass Music Coasters 
Funky coasters for the nostalgic musician.

Music Paperclips
Music Paperclips 
Unique paperclips for the music lover!

White bow tie
Silk Bow Tie 
Perfect for special occasions!

Music socks
Fun socks for the music lover 

Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers 
Vouchers available from just £5.
£ up to you!

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