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Reasons to love music!


Okay, so we're in the business of flogging brass and woodwind, but we wouldn't be doing it so well if we didn't feel so passionately about it. 

The majority of staff here play - it's not an essential requirement to work here, but musicians do naturally get drawn to musical environments!

But whether you play a musical instrument or not, who would want to contemplate a world without music? From babies we are immersed in a world of music; from a plethora of nursery rhymes, school hymns, football anthems, rousing Happy Birthday's, Slade at Christmas and even a lifetime's debate about our perfect Funeral send off (hands up if it's 'My Way'?!). 

So for a bit of seasonal fun we've compiled a list of reasons to love music by staff here at John Packer. Let us know what you think...

I love music because…it is such a powerful tool; it can express emotions, tell stories and is an extension of a person’s voice.
A few…Tchaikovsky Symphony 6, Rimsky Korsakov Scheherazade, Nino Rota and Brahms Clarinet Trios, Mahler Symphony 5, Phil Woods Sax sonata to name a few
Alice - Retail 

It's exhilarating when you fully lose yourself in the music; it must be what it's like to fly. The only comparable I can think of is free-wheeling down a hill.
Bartok Piano Concerto No 3, II Adagio religioso
Jean - Marketing 

I find music a wonderful way to take my mind somewhere else! Whether playing an enjoyable and demanding piece, or sitting quietly at home with a glass of wine, or whatever your favourite tipple might be, listening to music that is relaxing or inspiring and takes my mind away from the cares of the day!
Music is also a great social leveller and a great way to meet friends old and new. 

Andy - Retail

My reason is it brings people together, music can remind you of places visited, family parties, memories made.  
Elvis, Suspicious minds    
Anne-Marie - Finance 

I love music because it brings me and my friends together for fun times which makes happy memories (eg music festivals and concerts)​
Abbie - Logistics


It gives you the chance to create something new and different
Music can be a fantastic ice breaker
Music allows you to meet people from all over the world
Music give you the opportunity to express yourself not only as an individual but in a group as well
The main reason I love music, is because it gives you the ability to do something different and to continuously learn.

Tom - Retail


I love music cos it reminds me of happy times.  My favourite classical piece is Fur Elise – reminds me of Dad practising it on the piano when I was little! 
Odette - Mail order

I love music for the memories that it invokes. 
Stuart - Marketing

Playing music is a great way to meet new friends,  enjoy a common interest and to learn something new every time you play.
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon
Steve - Retail 

Growing up I found making music with others an escape from being an angsty teen! These days I really enjoy the social side of it – most of my friends and family are musicians – as well as escape from life’s pressures. For me music is about the reaction, whether you’re making people want to dance, relax, cry (in a good way!)
In particular I love playing Big Band Jazz, I love the style of music and in particular piecing together 20 odd musicians each with their own parts. Dvorak’s New World Symphony always sparks a good emotional reaction from me.

Matt - JPMI Global sales


Music keeps our family sane, it’s great for meeting people and making friends.


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