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How to protect your instrument in hot weather


It's festival season and for many musicians this means taking their instrument and playing alfresco. Here's a few tips to keeping your cherished instrument safe this summer...


  • Never leave your instrument in a car in the hot weather
  • Be aware of tuning in the hot weather, it will tend to go sharp. You might need to adjust reeds, or change woodwind barrels/crooks to help
  • Never leave your instrument in direct sunlight
  • Brass instruments you can use a valve guard to protect the lacquer on your instrument from wearing away due to the acidity in your sweat and skin oil.
  • Wipe down with a cloth after playing to remove sweaty fingerprints.
  • Wooden instruments need to be careful about cracking, using bore oil can help prevent cracks. Try to also keep at a steady temperature.
  • Use pullthroughs more frequently to avoid bubbles and sticky pads.
  • Use a lip balm which helps protects your lips (and contains SPF!) 
  • While we're yet to find confirmed cases of, sunscreen can leave impenetrable marks on car lacquer, so we'd advise caution when applying sunscreen before picking up your instruments. Give your hands a good wash first!


SPF package UPDATE Oct 2015  Boadica valve guard   Bore oil

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