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Product focus: The Selmer Supreme


The Supreme embodies the culmination of one century of expertise and it is therefore not surprising to learn that it has all the qualities common to the models that preceded it, making it the perfect saxophone for all manner of instrumentalists; beauty and care in the creation of the Balanced Action, the legendary suppleness of the Mark VI, the ease of the Super Action 80 Series II, the precision and elegance of the Series III, and the power and roundness of the Reference.

This saxophone is characterised by a perfectly balanced accuracy, infinite sound colours, and a great ease of response. The manufacturer's have worked to hide the natural and inherent constraints of the saxophone, to ensure there are no playing limitations. 

Its roundness and projection capacity make it an instrument that is both traditional and resolutely modern. The refinement and care taken in its manufacture, as well as its entirely corrected ergonomics, make it an instrument you can thoroughly enjoying playing at any register and in any genre.

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