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A new product to the JP line of Tubas

Owing to a demand in the US for front-facing valved tubas, JP has brought a new product to market. But does it have a use in the UK market?

The new JP179B compact Bb tuba is here in the shop, and I’ve not been able to stop playing it. With its compact build and comfortable set up, this tuba is an absolute beauty.

I have always played EEb tubas, and play on a Besson Sovereign 980. I also play a Bb sousaphone in many jazz and New Orleans marching bands. I have been looking for the right instrument to compliment my current horns, and I think I may have found it - the JP179B really is the perfect mix between an orchestral instrument and pretty much anything else you want it to  - it's simply that versatile!

While this isn't a common instrument in the UK, with a forward facing action being more widely used in America and on the Continent, this tuba is brilliantly compact with 4 front facing valves; perfect for you if you play in wind bands, orchestras and concert bands alike.

To sum it up the JP179B is also a wonderful tuba. Interested in finding out more? Click here

P.S I'm not the only one who likes it though, check out this video from Scott Parker, a road rep from Musical Innovations in America...

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