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What is music therapy?


In the best of times we know how beneficial music can be, now more than ever there is a place for music therapy. As it's mental Health Week we thought we'd explore it further...


Music plays a fundamental role in our identity, culture, heritage and spiritual beliefs. It provides a life accompaniment, from early nursery rhymes, to the song we proclaim must be played at our funeral!

Music can evoke all sorts of feelings and help us to connect with ourselves and others. You can be engaging in music playing an instrument, singing in a choir, or just listening to be affected. 


Specially trained music therapists are able to use the innate qualities of music to connect with people of all ages and abilities; from babies to those with dementia. Music therapy can also help those suffering with a mental illness who can find their ability to communicate affected. For some their illness causes them to appear chaotic and disorganised, while others can seem trapped in rules and processes.Those that are experiencing periods of chaos can find the experience of a beat and musical structure calming, while those mentally confined can find music liberating and an opportunity for expression.


When you're a child you're surrounded by music, from the sing-song voice of a loving carer, nursery rhymes in schools, school hymns and enlivening pop music! Music is truly a fascinating subject, and delving deeper into the therapeutic benefits is potentially very rewarding for musicians.


As part of a series of free talks, Future Talent, are presenting a talk by a practising therapist on June 21st.  Fraser Moyle works for Nordoff-Robbins, a leading creative music therapy charity which works to enrich the lives of people of all ages with life-limiting illnesses and disabilities.


Fraser will discuss the ins and outs of careers in music therapy as well as his own experiences working as a therapist.  


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