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Music in Isolation


"Without music, life would be a mistake" Friedrich Nietzsche.   


With ever-increasing uncertainty about the future, over the weekend I tried to think what life would practically be like in isolation. It was odd, because the weekend felt largely normal; I took children to a soft play environment, took a dog walk, went to a retail store, had a coffee.. all this with an unsettling backdrop of news and speculation about the spread of Coronavirus. I kept forgetting and then had to remind myself that something bad is coming, and wondering how may I be affected?

Overwhelmed, I took to my instrument and had a good session of losing myself playing through pieces I know well.  And then I thought about pieces that I used to enjoy playing; maybe if I had the time I could relearn these? I pulled down some music and had a go... 'that'll keep me going', I thought. 


It was heartening to hear of the music emanating from Italian balconies while people are confined in their apartments. Whether singing, playing or listening it's purpose to lift spirits was clear. It reminded me of something I'd seen in my LinkedIn newsfeed some time ago, not specific to the virus, but rather a way of thinking: "Ask yourself, what good will come of this?". I feel fortunate to have an instrument and music, and a family whom I can play music with. If it is to be that we become confined to our home for an unknown period, music will surely be our loyal companion, and source of opportunity, discovery and recovery.


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