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Warwick Music Online Festival


If you missed an end of term performance, or a music exam because of Covid-19, here's your opportunity to recognise all your hardwork...


Warwick Music - the fun company behind the plastic instruments pTrumpet, pBone etc.- has come up with an idea for an online music festival, where children and amateurs of any age, can perform any piece or pieces they have been working on. It could be a solo in an ensemble concert, or an exam, anything that you've been working on recently.


The festival is entirely free and is not a competition. You can also play any instrument! Musicians are invited to send a video of their performance to the company. Every entry will be listened to, appreciated and recognised. Each entry will receive some short feedback from one of the DBS-checked Warwick team about their performance via email. Musicians will even be sent an official certificate to recognise their musical achievement. 

Only one recording can be sent per person, but they will also accept duets, trios, quartets, etc, from the same family (but no breaking social distancing rules!)



Entries need to be submitted by 30 June 2020.


For full details visit the Warwick Music site here




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