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Maelstrom French horn mouthpieces  - now in stock!


Maelstrom French horn mouthpieces are now stocked here at John Packer Ltd.


The Maelstrom mouthpiece system is a fully modular mouthpiece system for the horn and consists of three separate parts, a rim, cup and a shank. Any of the shanks can be coupled to any of the five cup models which allows the player to find the perfect match on just about any horn.

We have decided to stock the cups with ‘metric’ threads which are compatible with the PHC and Paxman rims as many players in the UK already use mouthpieces from those makers so if you can use your favourite screw rim with a new cup and back bore.


The cups come in five different sizes, S, MS, M, ML and L with a choice of three different materials, brass, alu – bronze and stainless steel all of which will help the player produce the sound they are looking for.


The choice of shanks or backbores are manufactured from stainless steel and will allow the player to choose the perfect amount of resistance.


So finding your perfect mouthpiece is now a step closer and testing these different cups and backbores is easier than you imagine.

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