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And our winners were...

We received a great swathe of nominations in our annual JP instrument giveaway! 

Teachers, friends and family nominated musicians of al ages, schools, bands and other teachers who could use a trumpet, flute, saxophone, and clarinet.

An annual difficult decision, we present to you the class of 2017 who won a JP021 Clarinet, JP051 Trumpet, JP071 Cornet, and a JP011 Flute. 

Nominations for the 2018 giveaway will open early December!

Clarinet winner

The clarinet winner was nominated by his teacher Jane Anderson-Brown in All Saints' School, Babbacombe. A talented player - he was going to have to return his school instrument at the end of the year - so this will keep him playing.


Trumpet winner

Luke Wrathall was nominated by his teacher Tess Greene. A keen musician Luke loves music and getting involved with ensembles. 


Cornet winner

Carly Banks was nominated by her teacher Len Idle as she only had a loaned instrument from Wareham Town Band. A "cracking little cornet player", Len said that Carly will be a real talent if she keeps playing.


Flute winner

Hannah Hipkiss was nominated by her mother Julie. Hannah has been devoted to the flute since she started; playing in lots of groups. She had always dreamed of owning her own flute. 

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