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It's "Embrace your Geekness Day". Seriously. So on a day like this it would be oh so obvious to smear certain interests with the geek tag. Like a desire to be stood out in the pouring rain to glimpse your favourite train (chuckle), or teasing your seedlings to grow just a little taller and healthier (guilty m'lord), but how geeky are the favourite clientele of John Packer?...

Well there's a lot of information about the size of mouthpiece tips, throats and baffles! Now, with pun entirely intended, I'd say this would baffle a double-reeder - is it me, or do they all look the same? But then what of the reed-makers' micrometer, measuring every nth of the cane shard striving to replicate that once perfect reed...?

And don't get me started on the weird world of brass leadpipes! What's that about? Last time I looked it's a pipe that connects the mouthpiece to all the bendy bits!
It's very easy to poke fun at things you don't understand. But it is not the Emperor's New Clothes, there are differences and I love how musicians revel fine-tuning their performance and their instrument (in which order?). To become this discerning musician takes serious dedication. While I believe anyone and everyone should and can learn to play a musical instrument, I do think you have to have a geek streak to take it to this level. I'm not saying you're born with it. You just need to infected with the desire to be the best you can! Guaranteed that'll soon happen if you spend any time with a musician.  

Embrace Your Geekness Day, while novel, reminds musicians and people with other weird and wonderful interests that we’re not alone in our Geekness. The world is an infinitely better and happier place for geek musicians!

So embrace your geek and perhaps give your instrument a pep-talk before today's practice? (Don't try and tell me you've not given it a name!)

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