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The most important element about choosing an instrument is to remember that your playing standard is going to improve. If you buy an instrument that is perfect for you now, you will need to change it again quite soon. Most student instruments will comfortably allow for the player to reach grade 3 or 4 or even higher in some cases. It is usually the next step up decision that is more difficult, particularly if you are progressing well, it is a bit like buying a pair of shoes for feet that haven’t finished growing. In general terms, the more you pay, the more time you buy. 


Try and consult experienced players and gather their opinions and recommendations. Some instruments that appear to be a bargain may be absolute disasters and it is usually good advice to stay with instruments that have a good reputation and a proven track record. Remember you may have little come back if your privately purchased ‘bargain’ ends up falling apart or needs a complete overhaul a few weeks later.


Once you're off the starting blocks of learning you'll become more discerning, which means it is now really important to try instruments out, rather than purchasing by specification and price. 


When testing out instruments remember that most models will give a reasonable level of performance in the middle register and dynamics. Best to try and push the instruments to their extremes where weaknesses and strengths will appear before playing your favourite tunes.


Don’t forget you are creating a team - you and the instrument. The ‘perfect’ instrument has not been made and the ‘perfect’ player hasn't been born so look for an instrument which feels comfortable and easy to play.


We appreciate that sometimes it is difficult to make a quick decision in a short time especially when we offer such a large choice of instruments so we are happy to offer our customers the opportunity to take an instrument on an ‘approval’ basis for 7 days. Please note that Approval fees apply.


And that's it! If you're interested in a new instrument, from woodwind to brass and want some advice about what models to look for we're always on hand to have a chat.


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