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The history of the sshhmute


The Bremner sshhmute hails from New Zealand and was the brainchild of Trevor Bremner back in the 1990s. It is a mute that is now available globally. Very much the practice mute of professionals, the mute allows brass musicians to practise anywhere with barely an audible sound. This was very much needed in the Bremner household where his wife Betty and their three children played brass instruments. Dissatisfied with what was available on the market, Trevor began experimenting; making his first successful mute from an old fabric suitcase and some brass. He shows it in the video below...

As a former instrument repairer, Trevor understood what was required of the sshhmute; how it must be made to fit snuggly in the bell of the instrument, but not affect the intonation of the instrument.

Now his wife Betty works on marketing, and two out of three sons works in the factory. His third son is principal trombone in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.


There are now eight sshhmutes in production, and the range is set to continue. 

You can view all the sshhmutes we stock here at John Packer by clicking here.

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