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Children, Music and the mind


It's children's mental health week. We explore how music can help our children...


If you're reading this there's a good chance you're an adult, and perhaps you were one of the fortunate children who had an opportunity to play a musical instrument when you were young, and hopefully you're still playing now. You might not be a professional, but you still enjoy improving and playing with others.  You've learned to not take yourself too seriously, understand the power of determination, enjoy the exhilaration of working hard and appreciate that listening is often more important than making yourself heard!  

Did you see those pretty crucial life skills that music taught you? This is why we believe music education is so important for the future well-being of children.

From birth we sing to our children, it continues into early years education, but often not into secondary schools, unless you actively seek it out - or the school put music on the agenda. In those formative years music is not just important for learning to speak but also understanding complex emotions, developing social skills and communication, allows you to relax, (or give you energy!) and helps to combat loneliness. When should we stop utilising all the rich gifts music gives us? Never!

For years music therapy has been used to help children with mental health issues. It can also be used to help in difficult times. Do you remember this poignant scene below in Harry Potter? In this moment of despair, music lightens for a time and gives new hope. 



Music itself doesn't judge; we all have music within us; from the beat of our heart to the tone of our voice - what is music if not rhythm and tone? It's also a great social leveller and has a unique ability to reach those with disabilities in a way like no other.

I recently stumbled upon the PS22 choir in America and am always struck by the children's enthusiasm for singing - and each other. Do explore their rich catalogue of arrangements...


Does it matter which instrument you learn? No - you get similar mental benefits whether you're singing, playing the recorder, piano or trombone! But it makes obvious sense to go with an instrument that audibly (and visually) inspires you. 

We've made our student range of instruments very affordable so that everyone can get started. We even have a rental scheme from £15 a month. The most important thing is making sure that everyone - and our children especially - have the opportunity to reap all the benefits. 


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