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Can you practice while on holiday?

Keeping up your technique whilst on holiday -  is it possible? 

As a brass player, I find that we are able to keep our stamina and technique in good shape due to the ease of just buzzing on a mouthpiece. We are also able to take a practice mute with us to really dampen the sound produced – that being said, being a tuba player, I usually only take my mouthpiece with me, unless I have enough room in the boot of the car to put the tuba in.

Another great practice tool is the B.E.R.P which allows the player to adjust the resistance on the air flow. This means that the player can push lots of air through to keep the lungs and breathing in check. (see my Blog on top 10 gadgets for brass players)


Buzzing for me works the best, with long notes to begin with, and then lip flexibilities. If I really want to, I will often buzz through the pieces that I’m playing, quite often with headphones and a recording that I enjoy listening to.

I also like to take a bit of time off playing when I go away, and use the time spent walking around and exploring new places to work on my fitness, which leads to improved lung capacity and stronger air flow.

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