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Apparently not is the answer I am told by many trombone players who visit our shop here in Taunton, one gentleman I know cannot get his car into his garage as he has over 30 different trombones stored in it!

Of course you can only play them one at a time but depending on the type of music you are playing it will sometimes dictate as to what type of trombone you may find most suitable. A trad jazz player would tend to play on a small or medium bore Bb trombone such as a King 2B or Rath R10 but you wouldn't use those instruments if you were sitting on principal trombone in a top orchestra!

Specialist trombone parts need specialist kit such as a big beefy low part will require a bass trombone which has a much larger bore and bell giving it that much required wack wack sound that we have heard echoing around the parade ground whilst on the march and if you play in a pit band and space is limited a Bb/F trombone with a trigger can be most useful.

As a Rath trombone stockist the Rath R3 and R4 Bb trombones can be easily converted into Bb/F trombones thus freeing up space at home, contact me on 01823 282386 to discover the world of modular trombones, I can also help sell any old trombones you may have cluttering up your home!

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