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In a move to bring arts and culture to to more places than ever before, The Arts Council England (ACE) has announced a 46% increase in funding to Brass Bands England (BBE), to a substantial £828,000 over four years.

BBE is one of 831 cultural organisations sharing an annual ACE budget of £1.6 billion from 2018-22. 
Announcing its National Portfolio for 2018-22 this week, the ACE said that it represented ‘a fresh, ambitious and wide-ranging group of organisations that we believe will bring new energy to the arts and cultural sector, while reaching more people in more places than ever before.’

Brass Bands England has said it is pleased to be recognised as an 'ACE Sector Support Organisation’ (an organisation that focuses on offering support services, as opposed to producing or delivering art and culture) and says it will now move into a new phase of its development by undertaking a strategic planning exercise to create what it hails as ‘a new and improved delivery model designed to benefit the brass band community in new and exciting ways.’

BBE’s CEO, Andrew Coe, said: “This funding opens up a whole new spectrum and enables BBE to deliver the model for brass bands that it has been talking about and working on during the last few months. We have some hard work to do, but this funding just moves the organisation and brass bands into a different league, and means that we now have money to do things for bands, which is just sensible.”

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