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B & S - spotlight on the brand


For the advancing musician the German B&S brand is a trusted manufacturer.


The brass instruments are made in Markneukirchen, in the Vogtlandkreis region of  Germany, near the Czech border. 

In the course of the expropriation and nationalization of private enterprises in the GDR, many workshops and studios in Markneukirchen and the nearby town of Klingenthal were combined to become a publicly owned operation. B&S (Blechblas and Signalinstrumente) was founded as the umbrella brand for all high quality products.

With this rich 250 years of experience, all the brass instruments they produce exemplify fantastic build quality and high specification. 


At John Packer we stock a variety of B&S Trumpets, harmony trumpets, and Flugel Horns. Musicians can expect an excellent response, precise intonation and produce an accomplished sound, which is why it is a popular choice for advancing musicians.


Tom gives an overview to the Challenger series from B&S...


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